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  • Work is a necessity for man. Man invented the alarm clock. (Munca e vitală pentru om. Omul a inventat ceasul deșteptător.) - Pablo Picasso
  • In a real dark night of the soul it is always three o'clock in the morning, day after day. (În noaptea întunecată cu adevărat a sufletului este întodeauna trei dimineața, zi după zi.) - F. Scott Fitzgerald
  • Live your life by a compass, not a clock. (Trăiește-ți viața după compas, nu după ceas!) - Stephen Covey

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Small photo of Phone alarm waking up tired sleeping woman in bed at night or morning. Cellphone on table with clock timer and snooze button. Oversleeping person, late from work. Sleepy, lazy or overslept lady.Small photo of Interior design of neutral bohemian living room interior with stylish desk, armchair, lamp, cup of coffee decoration, office supplies, clock, copy space, notes and personal accessories. Template.Small photo of Pink alarm clock and calendar on a pink background. Concept days of menstruation or menopause. Template Copy space for text. mock-up.Small photo of Alarm clock and autumn leaves on table outdoors. Daylight saving time endSmall photo of Iceberg glacier melting in a glass clock with a drop and a desert. Global warming. Drying up rivers and lakes, concept. Save the planet. Disappearance of water. Time and the end of life, creativeSmall photo of Eight o'clock on the alarm. A white alarm clock is on a white table. The clock hand points to 8 o'clock. Time to change to summer or winter time. Set an alarm for 8:00 or 20:00. copy spaceSmall photo of A man with a laptop is sitting on a big clock, art collage.Small photo of Good morning. Wake up. Rise and shine. It's time to start new working day. White alarm clock that tells 7 AM standing on bedside table, and woman who woke up from night sleep stretching in backgroundSmall photo of Breast cancer awareness concept. Top view photo of pink alarm clock calendar and stethoscope on bicolor pastel pink and white backgroundSmall photo of Ten o'clock on the alarm. A white alarm clock stands on a wooden table. The clock hand points to ten o'clock. Switching to summer or winter time. Set an alarm for 10:00 or 22:00. copy spaceSmall photo of Eleven o'clock on the alarm. A white alarm clock is on a white table. The clock hand points to 11 o'clock. Time to change to summer or winter time. Set an alarm for 11:00 or 23:00. copy spaceSmall photo of Skyline of MECCA SAUDI ARABIA,April-2018, royal clock tower in makkah,MECCA.clound backgroundSmall photo of Alarm clock morning wake-up time on bedside table by bed backgroundSmall photo of Los Angeles, California / USA - November 11, 2020: Female hand holding new black Apple iPhone mini against a colored background with screen on and clock displayedSmall photo of Time as water, a concept. Water with a drip dripping in a glass clock. Creative idea, save the water on a blue background. Global Warming

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