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  • It's cool to have a response where you feel like what you're enjoying and experiencing, the audience is doing that, too. They get it and they're in tune with it. (E grozav să primești și din partea publicului același răspuns când simți că îți place și că experimentezi. Publicul simt acest lucru și se armonizează cu tine.) - Peyton List
  • What do I think of euthanasia? That's an interesting question. I think young people are cool no matter what continent they're on. (Ce cred despre eutanasie? Asta-i o întrebare interesantă. Cred că tinerii sunt cool indiferent pe ce continent s-ar afla.) - Cam Gigandet
  • Fast is only cool if it's melodic and has substance. (Să cânți rapid e ceva cool doar dacă e melodic și are substanță.) - Yngwie Malmsteen

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Small photo of Handsome Young Happy IT Specialist Uses Computer, Browses in Internet, Plays Online Games, Does Hacking. Cool Neon Hue Lights in His Office Room.Small photo of I took this photo while walking with my friends in the rice field embankment, it is very nice to be in the village with cool air and beautiful scenerySmall photo of Blue sky and white clouds floated in the sky on a clear day with warm sunshine combined with cool breeze blowing against the body resulting in a miraculous refreshing like paradise.Small photo of The front view in the morning sky is bright blue with clear white clouds. And the ocean deep indigo in daylight. Feeling calm, cool, relaxing. The idea for cold background and copy space on the top.Small photo of Middle age beautiful businesswoman wearing glasses standing over isolated white background with a happy and cool smile on face. Lucky person.Small photo of Stylish fashion teenager model wearing hoodie and headphones listening dj music dancing in purple neon lights. Young teen girl enjoy cool music 90s party mix in violet studio background. Copy space.Small photo of Photo of cool attractive business lady short hairstyle friendly smiling responsible person arms crossed wear casual green shirt yellow pants isolated blue color backgroundSmall photo of Active african funny dad little son and crazy daughter heavy metal or rock and roll lovers dancing in cozy living room relish life fooling around listening cool music scream with joy enjoy party hardSmall photo of Happy cool fashion funky African young black hipster lady wears trendy glasses headphones listening dance pop dj music standing in neon night club light at style party. Translation: Chicken laughSmall photo of Panorama collage eight cool funny attractive active modern people six ladies two guys men good mood dance discotheque party isolated many colors blue violet teal orange yellow pink red backgroundSmall photo of eSports Winner Trophy Standing on a Stage in the Middle of the Computer Video Games Championship Arena. Two Rows of PC for Competing Teams. Stylish Neon Lights with Cool Area Design.Small photo of Young woman getting cryolipolyse treatment in cosmetic cabinet. Cool sculpting procedure for slimming thighs. Body Fat freezing technologySmall photo of Hipster igen teen pretty fashion girl model wear stylish glasses headphones enjoy listen new cool music mix stand at purple studio background in trendy 80s 90s club blue party light, profile viewSmall photo of Glad millennial female buyer of air conditioner relax on sofa hold controller breath cool fresh air despite of hot summer day outside. Happy young lady regulate climate at home using modern ac deviceSmall photo of Senior stylish woman taking notes in notebook while using laptop at home. Old freelancer writing details on book while working on laptop in living room. Focused cool lady writing notary in notepad.

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