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  • Very few things happen at the right time and the rest do not happen at all. The conscientious historian will correct these defects. (Foarte puține lucruri se întâmplă la momentul potrivit iar restul nu se întâmplă deloc. Istoricii conștiincioși au însă grijă de asta.) - Herodot
  • Correct me if I'm wrong, but hasn't the fine line between sanity and madness gotten finer? (Corectați-mă dacă greșesc, dar nu cumva linia dintre sănătate și nebunie s-a subțiat?) - George Price

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Small photo of Learning time. Interested little kid schoolgirl in headset sit at home desk watch education video lesson. Curious small school age girl think on teacher question select correct answer on laptop screenSmall photo of Close-up. Caucasian male coughs in his elbow. Correct sneezing. Concept of stop spread of the virus.Small photo of Glasses that correct eyesight from blurred to sharpSmall photo of Portland protest has been ongoing since George Floyd's death. Many protesters were demanding to correct the systematic problem and defund the police. Photos were taken in Portland, OR,USA on 8/9/2020Small photo of Father Holding a Young Girl and Throw Away an Empty Bottle and Food Waste into the Trash. They Use Correct Garbage Bins Because This Family is Sorting Waste and Helping the Environment.Small photo of dermal filler treatments .Hyaluronic acid injections for specific areas.Correct wrinklesSmall photo of Confident female interpreter translate document from foreign language to english use pc app make notes in paper copy. Professional young woman editor correct errors mistakes in printed article textSmall photo of close up on robot (ai) hand working on laptop to checking correct data by use RPA function software program to help proof and detect and synchronize to system for future technology of business conceptSmall photo of Boy with autism learn weather using cards, teacher hold hands and point to correct oneSmall photo of Confused angry indian woman sit on couch at home read spam message on phone screen have problem with correct work. Shocked mad mixed race lady web store client deal with scam online. Copy spaceSmall photo of Step By Step Correct Procedure For Hand WashingSmall photo of Confident man, hands on hips, stands in front of a crossroad with road split in three different ways as arrows. Choosing the correct pathway between left, right and front. Difficult decision concept.Small photo of Father Holding a Young Girl and Throwing Away a Food Waste into the Trash. They Use Correct Garbage Bins Because This Family is Sorting Waste and Helping the Environment.Small photo of Young ill woman covering her nose and mouth with arm while sneezing at home. Sick infected girl patient coughing in her elbow. Coronavirus COVID-19 symptoms. Virus protection. Correct cough in handSmall photo of Doubtful person, hands on hips, choosing the way as multiple arrows on the road showing a mess of different directions. Choosing the correct pathway, difficult decision concept, confusion symbol.

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