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  • I've always found paranoia to be a perfectly defensible position. (Am considerat mereu paranoia ușor de justificat.) - Pat Conroy
  • As an actor, you ask yourself what you can do to put yourself in a position where you can play that role. (În calitate de actor te întrebi ce poți face ca să te pui în situația în care poți juca un rol.) - Jeremy Northam
  • If you ever behold a giant, first of all check the position of the sun—to see whether or not it is the shadow of a pygmy. (Când vezi un uriaș, verifică mai întâi poziția soarelui; să nu fie doar umbra unui pigmeu.) - Novalis
  • The world is in offside position. The attack is always one step ahead of the defence. (Lumea este afară din joc. Atacul este mereu înaintea apărării.) - Hasier Agirre
  • Their position seems to be that their God is so great he doesn't even have to exist. (Poziția lor pare a fi că zeul lor este așa de grozav încât el nici măcar nu trebuie să existe.) - Carl Sagan

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Small photo of Beautiful female flight attendants checking the passengers on safety standard, seat belt, turn off electric devices, seat back and tray table in upright position before airplane take off and landing.Small photo of Mature middle-aged athlete man standing in plank position in sporty clothes on fitness mat, watching video training tutorial online, vlogging and blogging at home on lockdownSmall photo of Business man sitting in lotus position. The world revolves around you. Modern design, contemporary art collage. Inspiration, ideas, magazine style, creativity concept. Copyspace for ad. Surrealism.Small photo of A young woman stands bent and straightened isolated on a white background. Correct and incorrect spine position. Slouching back and healthy spine. A posture before and after changing. ScoliosisSmall photo of selective focus. hot pizza with cheese and pepperoni. the girl pulls a slice of pizza with melted cheese stretching. vertical position, dark moodSmall photo of Close-up of a woman's hands on her chest while doing breathing exercises. Caucasian woman sitting in a lotus position, practicing pranayamaSmall photo of Asian young happy peaceful calm female model in casual sporty outfit sitting crossed legs in lotus position on yoga mat learning studying online meditation class via laptop computer in living room.Small photo of Young Brazilian man isolated on pink background keeping the arms crossed in frontal positionSmall photo of Attractive little girl shows index fingers myofunctional trainer. Help equalize the growing teeth and correct bite, develop mouth breathing habit. Corrects the position of the tongueSmall photo of Contemporary art collage of job applicants searching, running for new vacancy. Looking for a job position. Concept of employment, business, career, recruitment, professional growth. Copy space for adSmall photo of The girl testifies sitting on the rug in the lotus position on the background of the tropical jungle. Back viewSmall photo of Fit young woman standing in start position over pink background. Sportswoman about to start a run.Small photo of Vacant place in the team. Recruiting candidates for an vacant position, searching for a replacement. Job vacancy competition. Violation integrity. Human resources. Personnel management. StaffingSmall photo of Smartphone frame less blank screen with rotated position for Template of infographics or presentation UI design interface - include clipping path.Small photo of Morning Meditation. Beautiful Calm Woman Meditating At Home In Lotus Position, Peaceful Young Brunette Lady Practicing Yoga, Sitting With Closed Eyes On Fitness Mat In Light Room, Copy Space

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