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Small photo of Woman, life, freedom’: London protest over Iran draws thousands to protest after the death of Mahsa Amini in police custody 01-10-2022Small photo of Hallandale, Florida, USA. February 24th 2022. Miami: Ukraine War Protest. Protest against Russian invasion of Ukraine. Some Ukraine Anti War sings and banners.Small photo of Colombo, Sri Lanka - April 10 2022: People protesting in the streets. Sri Lanka’s President Gotabaya Rajapaksa faces biggest street protest. Sri Lanka economic and politic crisis. Riot policeSmall photo of Downing Street, London | UK - 2022.02.26: Ukrainian people protest, thousands gather to demand tougher sanctions on Russia from British Government, EU and USA to stop the war in UkraineSmall photo of Protesters holding signs Stop Climate Change and Stop Global warming. People with placards at protest rally demonstration strike.Small photo of Young caucasian woman protester demonstrate shouting loud through megaphone while being on a protest - multicultural men and women protestors on a global strike demonstrationSmall photo of Anti-Government protesters gathering stage a protest in Colombo against the government of Sri Lanka and voiced their demand for the resignation of the president and Prime Minister. 9th July 2022Small photo of Los Angeles, California, USA 2022: Stand with Ukraine. Protest against the war and russian armed aggressive Vladimir Putin politic. Americans in defense of Ukraine. Global military conflict, invasionSmall photo of Den Haag, South Holland, Netherlands- 09.23.2022: Iranian Protest against the Islamic Republic of Iran due to the killing of Mahsa (Zhina) AminiSmall photo of Enthusiastic asian woman, girl activist shouting at protest, using megaphone, looking confident, talking in loudspeaker, protesting, standing over white backgroundSmall photo of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, July 30 2022: Climate Action Now signs at climate change protest - young people and students rallying and protesting against global warming to protect planet earth.Small photo of Bielsko, Poland - 02.24.2022: Ukrainians, Poles and Belarusians are protesting against the war in Ukraine. Peaceful protest against Russian aggression in the Bielsko market squareSmall photo of Berlin, Germany - 19 Feb 2022: Protest near Brandenburg Gate against Russian military threats of a big war against Ukraine. Hundreds of protesters declare solidarity with UkraineSmall photo of New York, NY - February 24, 2022: Woman wrapped in Ukrainian flag at a demonstration to protest Putin’s aggression and the invasion of UkraineSmall photo of Warsaw, Poland. 24 February 2022. Anti-war protest outside Russian embassy in Warsaw. Demonstrators call for peace and condemn Putin.

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