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Small photo of Slits in fescue lawn turf from power slice/slit seederSmall photo of Slit seeding fescue lawn turf with power slice/slit seederSmall photo of Young woman sitting in armchair looking at slit lamp during medical examination in eyesSmall photo of Honey cake. classic honey cake . Slit and Slice of Cake. Homemade baking conceptSmall photo of The gray surface of an old cracked stump with a small deep four-beam slit in the center and wavy growth rings (macro, top view, slit diagonal, texture).Small photo of A girl visits an optician and undergoes a slit lamp for the exploration of the ocular media.Small photo of Slitting machinery slit laminated film. It separates repeated printed work in to roll for auto packing machine.Small photo of Asian beautiful woman doing eye test with slit lamp in modern ophthalmology clinic, side view, checking retina of a female eyeSmall photo of image of an old or aged African sitting in front of a slit lamp for eye examinationSmall photo of Optometrist slit lamp, ophtalmology diopters calibration in oculist lab of young woman doctor.Small photo of Optometrist woman examining the eyesight of another woman with a slit lampSmall photo of Checking eyesight with Slit lamp, examination of the eyes in an ophthalmology clinicSmall photo of Smiling blonde Caucasian female child in blue medicine chair and looking to slit lamp machine during medical check up in eyes climeSmall photo of Optometrist giving Slit lamp examination of the eyes in ophthalmology clinicSmall photo of Cracks on the wall. The crack in the cement wall at the window sill, caused by the subsidence of the ground, caused a slit at an oblique angle.

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