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Small photo of Highway toll station, collecting booth. Roadway with car drivers needing to pay tolls to pass. Driver pays for the fare on toll station highwaySmall photo of SINGAPORE - 2 MAR 2021: One of 78 Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) gantries. It collects road tolls. ERP is a part of intelligent traffic management system uses congestion pricing and electronic tolls.Small photo of Denver, Pennsylvania, USA- January, 4, 2021: Cars and trucks pass through Pennsylvania toll plaza which will now use a cashless system to collect tollsSmall photo of Many Cooing Items And Spices Isolated on Black Background, Overhead View. Large Group of Cookware Tolls on Table. Large Collection of Kitchen Utensils. Cooking and Serving Utility and Spices.Small photo of automatic point of payment on a toll road. turnpike.area pay tolls on the toll road.Urban highway.speed limit, board sign of automatic paying lanes, non-stop driving symbol.Small photo of Moscow, Russia - August, 2021: Highway toll stations with collecting booths. Roadway with car drivers needing to pay tolls to pass . Toll station highway road

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