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  • I'm wary of a certain human nature. More than anything, I fear treason. (Sunt precaută față de un anumit tip de oameni. Mai mult decât orice mă tem de trădare.) - Mylène Farmer

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Small photo of Man is taking off the wedding ring. concept of treason. Husband cheats on wife. cheating wifeSmall photo of a man in struggling to remove wedding ring from his finger holding hands behind his back. concept of treason. Husband cheats on wife. cheating wifeSmall photo of That treason. Young businesswoman crying after treason of her husband wile throwing all his clothes awaySmall photo of treason and resentment. Bad date of couple, break up relations and love. couple with misunderstanding at restaurant. Business meeting of man and woman. Valentines day with woman and man. Dislike makesSmall photo of treason word in a dictionary. treason concept.Small photo of Washington, DC/USA – January 12, 2019: The dedicated #KremlinAnnex protesters addressing Treason on their 181st consecutive night of demonstrating at the White House against Donald Trump.Small photo of Young woman with sly facial expression embracing friend, insincere female hiding her envy or jealous, thinking about deception. Treason and distrust between friends, copy spaceSmall photo of Treason at work. Two guys.Small photo of Dictionary definition of word treason, selective focus.Small photo of Family quarrel between the couple husband and wife offended outdoor. secret correspondence in phone treason betrayalSmall photo of The concept of treason. A man is cheating on his wife by removing an engagement ring.Small photo of high treason word in a dictionary. high treason concept.Small photo of Treason of husband. Dark-haired young wife feeling extremely pessimistic and angry after treason of husbandSmall photo of Ready for revenge. Angered by deceived wife beats a kitchen knife on a wooden board a fit of passion. Woman jealousy and treasonSmall photo of In despair. Mature caring husband feeling in complete despair after unexpected treason of his young emotional wife

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