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Small photo of tattooed, bald, smiling man with a baby in his arms, shirtless. Tattoo on the arm in the form of an inscription, which in Latin for English translation means: unbending (unflexible) intentSmall photo of Long unbending road at Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan.Small photo of cut index finger with a extensor tendon injury, mallet finger, fingertip bending downwards while the rest of the finger stay straight, deformity in phalangeal bone, unable to be unbending, pointing upSmall photo of athletic brunette lies face down on a sports mat. does exercise to stretch his legs. A girl in sportswear puts her hands under her head and stretches her leg, bending and unbending her feet.Small photo of Elderly man on a bicycle. Healthy lifestyle in old age. Retired Freedom. Sports of the elderly. Unbending character.Small photo of Word or phrase unbending in a dictionary.Small photo of Man athlete makes excercises on leg unbending in a gym. Side view.

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