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  • Being married is something I don't care to repeat because, for me, it's been an idea of something that is an unfair ritual. (Nu mă mai interesează să repet actul căsătoriei, căci îmi dă impresia unui ritual necinstit.) - Gabrielle Anwar
  • Girls have an unfair advantage over men: if they can't get what they want by being smart, they can get it by being dumb. (Femeile au un avantaj clar față de bărbați: ceea ce nu pot să obțină cu viclenie, obțin făcând pe neștiutoarele.) - Yul Brynner

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Small photo of Diverse male applicants looking at female rival among men waiting for at job interview, professional career inequality, employment sexism prejudice, unfair gender discrimination at work conceptSmall photo of Military Helicopters & forces in destroyed city, houses and cars at Unfair war/Aerial bombardmentSmall photo of Stressed employee intern suffering from gender discrimination or unfair criticism of angry male boss shouting scolding firing female worker for bad work, computer mistake or incompetence in officeSmall photo of Sad young woman avoiding ignoring bad friends suffering from gossiping, bullying, unfair attitude or discrimination, frustrated millennial girl feeling upset, hurt and offended sitting alone in cafeSmall photo of Upset female employee packing belongings in box, frustrated stressed girl getting fired from job ready to leave on last day at work, sad office worker desperate about unfair dismissal losing jobSmall photo of Multiracial friends sitting in cafe bar look at pc screen feels frustrated because of losing online lottery betting loss of money or football fans unsatisfied with referee decision unfair game conceptSmall photo of Stressed young businesswoman holding head in hands suffering from unfair gender discrimination at work concept, female employee frustrated by male colleagues bullying humiliating woman at workplaceSmall photo of Sad african female young employee packing belongings in box at workplace got fired from job, stressed upset black worker intern leaving office on last day at work crying after unfair dismissalSmall photo of Judge's hammer scatters in the dust on a light background. The concept of corrupt court, unfair trial, helplessness. copy spaceSmall photo of Angry boss scolding criticizing firing stressed intern for incompetence in multiracial office, sad frustrated employee receives unfair reprimand rebuke, suffers from bad attitude of executive at workSmall photo of Man looking at his wife with lover in bed, unfair relations, partner cheatingSmall photo of Diverse multiracial people hanging together in coffeehouse ignoring sad young girl sitting alone at cafe table, upset social outcast loner suffers from unfair attitude or discrimination among friendsSmall photo of Puppeteer manipulates the doll. Voting unfair. The man raised his hand gives his fake voiceSmall photo of Frustrated despondent african american office worker getting fired from job concept, white boss dismissing depressed sad terminated black employee holding notice, unfair racial discrimination at workSmall photo of 2 Miniature figure with USA and China flags. Its is symbol for tariff trade war crisis or unfair business of 2 biggest economic countries in the world.

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