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Small photo of Unsettling, yet extremely beautiful marsh sits under the gray skies of Amsterdam.Small photo of Retro TV with the numbers 2021 on the screen on a dark background. An unsettling new year 2021.Small photo of A mannequin head looks like a real little girl peering out a screened window during the night. The emotionless face is quite unsettling.Small photo of A mannequin head looks like a real little girl peering out a window during the night. The emotionless black and white face is quite unsettling.Small photo of The Woodlands, Texas / USA - June, 4th 2020: Young people dealing with the fallout of coronavirus pandemic and social unrest in a unsettling year.Small photo of The entry way of an abandoned mental hospital in South Korea, taken in the winter. The building has an unsettling feeling and creepy vibes.Small photo of Headshot of frustrated stressed young Caucasian woman dressed in stylish clothes biting lower lip and frowning, feeling nervous and anxious while receiving unsettling negative news. Body languageSmall photo of Unsettling human mask with empty eyes on a green screen backgroundSmall photo of Portrait of serious doctor indicating bad diagnosis to sad and unsettling patient. Man explaining to visitor treatment method. Medicine and healthcare concept. Blurred backgroundSmall photo of Steely cold blue skyscrapers reach up to the clouds. The vertical perspective offers a dizzying and unsettling feeling of these monolithic office towers in Toronto’s financial district.Small photo of Russia Samara September 2019: the flags of football sponsors flutter in the wind against the backdrop of an unsettling sky and the Volga River. Russian text: Russian football club. Megaphone.Small photo of Strange abandoned wooden birdhouse with unsettling overtones abound

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