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Small photo of Close up image of a faucet and sink in a dirty bathroom. There are visible soap debris as well as yellow and dark discoloration around the sinkhole leaving an unsightly look. This place needs cleaninSmall photo of Young leaves and old leaves are exposed to dust, so they are unsightly ...Small photo of March 6, 2021:Ratchaburi Thailand After a summer storm, the leaves fill the ground below, making the garden unsightly, but the bright colors make it unsightly.Small photo of Close up hand in glove use brush to remove unsightly surface rust from the staircase.Small photo of Colorful unsightly non-biodegradable plastic drinking straws as trash / litter mixed with seaweed and sea shells on beautiful pristine sandy beach in United States endangering marine lifeSmall photo of Acrylic nails before the correction. Unsightly manicure.Small photo of Despite HOA regulations by the Home owners association, residents still illegally dump bulk items by the residential trash containers. Two old mattresses left behind by dumpster create unsightly look.Small photo of Close up of a sinkhole or bathtub hole in a dirty bathroom. There are visible yellow and dark discolorations and limestone and soap remnants accumulation around the metal ring giving unsightly lookSmall photo of Birds living in urban areas cause significant damage to historical monuments and statues. A medieval knight statue in Tarifa is covered with unsightly bird droppings. A pigeon is perching on the head.Small photo of Gaps in trim molding around a door frame create unsightly cracks but are an easy DIY fixSmall photo of trash and discarded items placed at curbside can be unsightly toSmall photo of Honolulu, Hawaii, July 8, 2019. Run down corner of Waikiki Harbor with unsightly trash and debris floating in the decaying water.Small photo of red adenium flowers are unsightlySmall photo of Acrylic nails before the correction. Unsightly manicure.Small photo of selective focus on the unsightly or ugly gold mine dump which is in the background of this South African landscape in Gauteng, South Africa

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