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Small photo of Pangolin (endangered animal) walking and foraging whilst eating ants on African safari in south africa whilst on game drive.Small photo of MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - JANUARY 24: Sebastian Korda of USA receives treatement for his wrist whilst playing Karen Khachanov of Russia in quarter final action on day 9 of the 2023 Australian OpenSmall photo of Woman in blue sweater writing in leatherbound journal whilst sat on her bedSmall photo of Strensham, Worcestershire UK - January 31 2022, Editorial Illustration Heavy Goods Semi Truck View of the Drivers Cockpit and Steering wheel and side Mirrors whilst parked up in a Truckstop.Small photo of Manakish with shisha spoon wooden plank and hot mint tea being poured out with cityscape in background whilst sunset is taking place with orange glow. Focus is centered on tea glass. Portrait modeSmall photo of Two plains zebras, equus quagga, splashes into a waterhole in the Masai Mara, Kenya, whilst two white-bearded wildebeest, connochaetes taurinus walk behind.Small photo of Two dogs fight playing whilst standing on their hindpawsSmall photo of London,Euston Station,uk 25.09.2022 A temporary walkway enables passengers to reach the main Euston Station entrance whilst works continue building a new HS2 station complex.Small photo of YORK RACECOURSE, NTH YORKSHIRE, UK : 11 June 2022 : A group of young men on a Stag Day replicating Peaky Blinders by wearing flat caps whilst drinking at York RacesSmall photo of young african female blogger holding up a mobile phone smiling posing whilst taking a camera selfieSmall photo of April 2021 - Birmingham, UK. Brown otter looking to the right whilst standing on a rockSmall photo of A pet labrador retriever dog portrait with drool and saliva dribbling from its mouth and drooling whilst waiting for foodSmall photo of Rear view of female cyclist having neck pain from riding a bike long time. Poor posture is a major contributor to neck pain whilst cycling.Small photo of Overhead shot of young mixed ethnicity couple relaxing on sofa at home with man watching tv whilst woman lies across lap and checks social media on mobile phoneSmall photo of Cropped shot of cyclist having ankle pain from cycling. Foot and ankle pain can be the most debilitating and agonising pain whilst cycling. It can make every pedal stroke almost unbearable.

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