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Small photo of Tehran, Iran - June 10, 2021: Ebrahim Raisi Banner is hung. He is a Muslim Jurist and Chief Justice of the Islamic Republic of Iran, who is one of the candidates for the presidential election.Small photo of Education, Junior School, Guidance Concept. Female teacher in protective face mask helping small schoolboy who is sitting at table in classroom, standing near table, pupil writing testSmall photo of Female customer making contactless payment to a waiter who is wearing protective face mask in a cafe.Small photo of An elderly woman with a walker who is at high risk because of the coronavirus COVID19 gets meals or groceries delivered to her house by a volunteer working with a benevolent organization.Small photo of Black female doctor talking to a small girl who is sitting with her mother at hospital waiting room and wearing protective face mask due to coronavirus pandemic.Small photo of Manager from HR department wearing facial mask is interviewing new applicant who is handing her resume and profile through the partition for social distancing, transaction and new normal policySmall photo of Woman visiting her daughter who is undergoing course of chemotherapy in clinic. Childhood cancer awareness conceptSmall photo of On the Car Crash Traffic Accident Scene: Paramedics Saving Life of a Female Victim who is Lying on Stretchers. They Apply Oxygen Mask, Do Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation / CPR and Perform First AidSmall photo of Low angle view portrait of a smiling worker, installing solar batteries, who is standing on ladder at solar plant against blue sky, showing thumb up. Concept of alternative sources of energy.Small photo of Pressure in the chest. Close-up photo of a stressed woman who is suffering from a chest pain and touching her heart area.Small photo of Multiple identities. Close-up photo of a young pretty brunette girl who is looking in the camera while internally suffering from a dissociative identity disorder. Double exposure.Small photo of Portrait of cheerful senior man who is looking at camera and smiling.Small photo of Senior woman wearing protective face mask while talking to her doctor who is visiting her at home during virus epidemic.Small photo of African American father and daughter talking to their family doctor who is visiting them at home during coronavirus pandemic. Focus is on doctor.Small photo of Aerial view of self driving autopilot cars driving on a highway with technology tracking them, showing speed and who is controlling the car. Visual effects clip shot.

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