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  • You cannot slander human nature; it is worse than words can paint it. (Natura umană nu poate fi calomniată; e mai rea decât o pot picta cuvintele.) - Charles Haddon Spurgeon
  • Most people have seen worse things in private than they pretend to be shocked at in public. (Cei mai mulți oameni au văzut, în particular, lucruri mai grave decât cele despre care pretind că îi șochează atunci când se află în public.) - E.W. Howe
  • There are many victories worse than a defeat. (Există multe victorii mai grave decât o înfrângere.) - George Eliot
  • Nothing worse could happen to one than to be completely understood. (Nimic mai rău nu i se poate întâmpla cuiva decât să fie complet înțeles.) - Carl Gustav Jung
  • There is nothing worse than falling prey to someone else's confusion. (Nu este nimic mai rău decât să cazi pradă confuziei altcuiva.) - Valerie Natress
  • If there is one thing worse than being an ugly duckling in a house of swans, it's having the swans pretend there's no difference. (Singurul lucru mai rău decât să fii rățușca cea urâtă printre lebede este ca lebedele să pretindă că nu este nicio diferență.) - Teena Booth
  • People work harder when conditions are worse. (Oamenii lucrează mai asiduu când condițiile sunt mai grele.) - Jeff Goldblum
  • There are neither good popes nor bad popes, just worse popes. (Nu există papi buni. Nici răi. Există papi mai răi.) - Fernando Vallejo

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Small photo of Soppeng, march 18 2021- the highway leading to the city was getting worseSmall photo of Small oval brown leaf spots of coconut seedling blight (Bipolaris incurvata). Attacks well-maintained seedlings but worse in crowded nurseries . Spots merge causing a serious blight and leaves dry up.Small photo of Inspirational quote, motivational sayings, over thinking makes everything worse than it actually is.Small photo of St. Louis, MO / USA - September 17, 2019: Picture 5. Progressively worse rash/lesion on left foot of female caused by vasculitis (polyarteritis nodosa).Small photo of Yellow dust pm.10 warnings in korea, the air pollution from sand storm from china which effects respiratory health eyes and skin. Poor air quality, Stay indoors, Meteorological, Asian dust, WorseSmall photo of SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA. DECEMBER 10 2019. Ferry heading to Sydney Circular Quay in thick bushfire smoke. Ash has been landing over the CBD far from the fires. The worse air quality ever recorded.Small photo of Asian man got frustrated and angry after Stock market surge and dramatically fall down as a result of Coronavirus or covid19 fears and world oil price decrease. All world economic get worseSmall photo of West Islip, New York, USA - 16 March 2020: Stop and Shop grocery store is being wiped out of everything during as the corona virus pandemic news gets worse in the USA.Small photo of SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA. DECEMBER 10 2019. Sydney Opera house and skyscrapers in smoke from bushfires. Ash has been landing over the CBD far from the fires. The worse air quality ever recorded.Small photo of HANDS ACROSS THE LAND, political cartoon about the relationship between Politics and Banks. Puck Magazine, Aug. 20, 1913. It asks a question, Which is worse, financial control of politics, or politicaSmall photo of SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA. DECEMBER 10 2019. Toxic fire smoke in Australia over Sydney harbour. Ash has been landing over the CBD far from the fires. The worse air quality ever recorded.Small photo of Anxious and insecure young teenage guy with curly hair in shirt biting fingernails looking unsure and nervous as frowning and looking at camera, overthinking as being concerned of things getting worseSmall photo of Protester holds paper which has texts 'We need change!!', consept for protesting and voting someone else who can do something better at the moment and can change worse things to be the best things.Small photo of Things getting worse, difficulties at job. Frustrated young african american businessman drinking cause of having stress, holding glass of whiskey, holding his head, office interior, copy spaceSmall photo of worse word in a dictionary. worse concept, definition.

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