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ManuelaManuelanume feminin
Manuela'sManueleinume feminin
EmanuelaEmanuelanume feminin
Emanuela'sEmanueleinume feminin
ImanuelaImanuelanume feminin
Imanuela'sImanueleinume feminin

Termeni asemănători cu "Manuela": Mahala, Mahalia, mail, mainly, Mala, Malawi, Malay, male, Mali, Malia, mall, mallow, mammal, manhole, manly, manual, Manuel, maul, meal, mealy, meanwhile, Meealay, Mel, Mela, melee, Mella, Melli, Mellie, mellow, Melly, menial, Mihaela, mil, mile, milieu, mill, Milli, Millie, Milly, Milo, minimal, mole, mole-hill, molehill, moll, Moll, Mollee, Molli, Mollie, Molly, moola, moolah, mule, mull, my all, Mylo, to mail, to mean ill, to mean well, to mill, to mull.

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