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call a halt

to call a halta face haltăconjugări
to call a halta face o haltăconjugări
to call a halta se întrerupeconjugări
to call a halta se opriconjugări
to call a halt toa curma cevaînvechit în limba englezăconjugări
to call a halt toa pune capăt laînvechit în limba englezăconjugări

Termeni asemănători cu "call a halt": cajoled, Calida, called, called out, Callida, caseload, casualty, causality, cellulite, chalet, child, childhood, chilled, chiseled, chiselled, Chloette, chocolate, chuckled, clad, Claude, Claudetta, Claudette, Claudia, Claudie, Claudio, Claudiu, clawed, Cleta, clod, clot, cloth, clothed, clotted, cloud, clouded, cloudy, clout, cloyed, Clyde, coagulated, coiled, cold, Coletta, Colette, collated, Collete, Collette, collided, collied, colt, cooled, culled, cult, to call a halt to, to call out, to chill out, to clot, to clothe, to cloud, to coagulate, to collate, to collide, to collude.

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