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Este o conjugare a verbului to resist.

The attack was resisted.Atacul a fost respins.

Termeni asemănători cu "resisted": racist, racked, racket, racquet, ragged, ragout, ragweed, raised, raked, rased, raw socket, razed, re-echoed, reached, reacted, recast, receded, recite, recited, recked, rectitude, recut, reechoed, reeked, regatta, regicide, reissued, reject, rejected, rejoiced, request, requested, requisite, requited, rescued, resected, reseda, reset, resewed, resided, residue, rest, rested, resuscitated, rewaked, rich site, rickety, ricochet, ricochetted, ricotta, rig out, rigged, rigged out, right, right away, righty, rigid, rigidity, risked, rizzoto, roast, roasted, Rochette, rocket, rockhead, rockweed, rogued, roost, Rosetta, rosette, Rosette, rosewood, Rosita, rouged, rough-cast, roughed, roused, rousted, row guide, rugged, rush act, rushed, russet, rust, rusted, Rustie, Rusty, rusty, the richest, the rockiest, the rosiest, to rack out, to racket, to rag out, to raise a ghost, to react, to recast, to recede, to recite, to recut, to reject, to request, to requite, to resect, to reset, to reside, to resist, to resist heat, to rest, to restate, to resuscitate, to ricochet, to rig out, to rise to it, to roast, to rock out, to roost, to rough it, to roust, to rust.

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