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start with

start withîn primul rând
start withpentru început
to start with a clean slatea deschide o pagină nouăconjugări
to start with a clean slatea începe o viață nouăconjugări
It isn't your business to start with.Și, în primul rând, asta nu te privește.
to start withîn primul rând
to start withmai întâi
to start withla început
to start withpentru început

Termeni asemănători cu "start with": saturated, Saturday, say the truth, scattered, sequestered, shattered, shuddered, sick at heart, Siddhartha, sideroad, sixty-third, stared, starred, starry-eyed, start, started, started out, steered, steward, Steward, Stewart, stirred, Stoddard, stored, storied, stout hearted, strait, strata, straw hat, strayed, street, strewed, stride, strut, strutted, Stuart, sturdy, stuttered, sutured, sweetheart, the sixty-third, to saturate, to say the word, to sight-read, to stare at, to start, to start out, to stride, to strut, to study hard.

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