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StevyStevynume masculin
Stevy'slui Stevynume masculin

Termeni asemănători cu "stevy": sawed off, sedative, set off, set up, set-off, setoff, setup, shot up, shut off, shut up, site hop, sixty-five, sized up, skid top, soda pop, south of, southpaw, stab, staff, stave, steep, Stefa, Steffi, Steffie, Stefi, Stefy, step, Stepha, Stephi, Stephie, steppe, Steve, Stevie, stiff, stoop, stop, stope, stove, stove pipe, stub, stubby, stuff, stuffy, stupe, suggestive, sweet pea, sweetie pie, to say goodbye, to set off, to set up, to shake a wicked hoof, to shoot up, to show the hoof, to shut off, to shut up, to sit up, to stab, to stave, to stave off, to steep, to step, to stiff, to stoop, to stop, to stop up, to stuff, to stupefy.

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