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Este o conjugare a verbului to stow.


Termeni asemănători cu "stowed": 1st, 21st, 31st, 41st, 51st, 61st, 71st, 81st, 91st, the 1st, the 21st, the 31st, the 41st, the 51st, the 61st, the 71st, the 81st, the 91st, sachet, sacked out, SAD, sad, Sada, Sadie, sagacity, sagged, said, sat, sated, satiated, satiety, sauced, sawed, scad, scat, scatty, schizoid, Scot, Scott, Scotti, Scottie, Scotty, scout, scouted, scut, scythe, scythed, seaside, seat, seaweed, seceded, sect, sedate, sedated, see eye to eye with, seed, seedy, seethed, seized, Sesotho, set, set out, Seth, settee, sewed, sex act, sextet, sextette, shaddow, shade, shadow, Shadow, shadowed, shadowy, shady, shagged, she-goat, sheath, sheathed, shed, sheet, shiite, shocked, shod, shoddy, shoot, shoot out, shot, shout, shouted, shut, shut eye, shut out, sick to death, Sid, side, sided, sideway, sieged, siesta, sighed, sight, site, situated, sixth, sixtieth, sixty, sixty odd, sixty-two, skagged, skate, skated, skew-eyed, ski'd, skid, skidded, skied, skit, sky scout, so as to, so he said, so that, soaked, society, socked, socked away, socket, sod, sod widow, soda, soot, sooted, sooth, soothed, sooty, sot, soughed, sought, soused, south, sowed, squad, squashed, squat, squatted, squawked, squeaked, Squeedo, squeezed, squeezed out, squid, stadia, staid, stat, state, stated, statehood, statue, statuette, statute, stay, stayed, stead, steady, steed, stew, Stew, stewed, stoat, stood, stood out, stout, stowaway, Stu, stud, studied, studio, study, sty, succeeded, sucked, sued, suede, suet, suggested, suicide, suicided, suit, suite, suited, Susette, Suzetta, Suzette, swacked, swagged, swathe, swathed, swatted, swayed, sweat, sweated, sweaty, Swede, sweet, sweet tooth, sweetie, swigged, swished, swot, Syd, the sassiest, the sauciest, the scuzziest, the shookest, the sickest, the sixth, the sixtieth, the soggiest, the squishiest, to sack out, to sate, to satiate, to saw wood, to say ditto to, to say to, to scat, to scout, to scythe, to secede, to sedate, to see eye to eye, to see eye to eye with, to see to, to see to it that, to seek out, to seethe, to set, to set out, to set to, to shack with, to shade, to shadow, to sheathe, to shed, to shoot, to shoot a way out, to shoot ahead, to shoot it out, to shout, to shout at, to show out, to shut, to shut out, to side, to side with, to sit, to situate, to skate, to skid, to sock it, to sod, to soot, to soothe, to squat, to squat hot, to squeeze out, to state, to stay, to stay away, to stay out, to steady, to stew, to stow, to stud, to study, to succeed, to suck out, to suggest, to suicide, to suit, to swat, to swathe, to sweat, to sweat it, to sweat it out, to swot.

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