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Este o conjugare a verbului to stream.

streamingredare în fluxinformatică
streaming bufferzonă tampon cu derulare continuăinformatică
streaming sound bufferzonă tampon de sunet în fluxinformatică
fast streamingtransfer rapid în fluxinformatică
intelligent streamingtransfer inteligent în fluxinformatică

Termeni asemănători cu "streaming": sad irons, shadowruns, shattering, shoe string, shoestring, sidearms, squadrons, star anise, state rooms, state-rooms, staterooms, Stearn's, Stearne's, steering, Stern's, Sterne's, sternness, sterns, stirring, Storm's, Stormi's, Stormie's, storms, Stormy's, strains, strange, streams, strenuous, string, strings, stringy, strong, strung, to shed horns, to show drink, to squeeze the orange, to strain one's eyes, to string, to suck the orange.

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