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Este o conjugare a verbului to sup.


Termeni asemănători cu "supped": Sabbath, safety, saphead, sapid, sapped, saved, savvied, scaped, scoffed, scooped, sea food, seeped, sex pot, shaft, shape data, shaped, shaved, shift, shifted, shiftie eyed, shifty, shifty eyed, shoved, sickbed, sifted, sipid, sipped, skived, soaped, soapweed, soft, softy, souped, soviet, spade, spaded, spat, spate, spayed, sped, speed, speeded, speedway, speedy, spied, spiffed out, spit, spite, spot, spotted, spotty, spout, spud, Spud, suavity, subdued, subedited, swapped, swept, swept away, swift, swiped, swooped, to save the day, to save the tide, to scab it, to see about, to see fit, to seek safety, to shift, to shift away, to showboat, to sift, to sip tea, to spade, to speed, to spit, to spit at, to spite, to spot, to spout, to spud, to subdue, to subedit, to suck up to.

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