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to be about to

to be about toa fi pe punctul săconjugări
to be about toa fi pe punctul de aconjugări

Termeni asemănători cu "to be about to": Tabatha, Tabbatha, Tabbitha, Tabitha, taboid, tabooed, tapped out, tappet, tea pad, tea pot, teapot, tepid, tepidity, the head of a bed, the pot, the type of body, theft, Thibaud, Thibaut, thieved, tidbit, Tiebout, tiffed, tipped, tiptoe, titbit, titivated, to a fit, to be updated, to boot, to tap out, to the bad, to tie up to, to tie up with, to titivate, Tobit, top body, top fifty, top fifty-two, top hat, top to toe, top two, toped, topped, towpath, tuft, two bit, two-bit, type of aid, type of data, type of diet, typed, typhoid, typified.

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