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to exchange

to exchange informationpentru schimbul de informații
to exchangea schimbaconjugări
to exchange a look of intelligence witha se înțelege din priviri cucinevaconjugări
to exchange a look of intelligence witha schimba priviri semnificative cucinevaconjugări
to exchange whispersa bârficonjugări
to exchange whispersa șușoticonjugări

Termeni asemănători cu "to exchange": Tagen's, taking, Tatjana's, tea essences, teaching, Teagen's, teasing, technique, techniques, the common aims, the same as you, thickening, thickness, this much, thus much, ticking, to take a chance, to take a hinge, to take a knock, to take amiss, to take chances, to take one's choice, to take one's ease, to take one's way, to take one's whack, to take wing, to take wings, to tick one's I's, to toss one's cookies, tocsins, tokens, touchiness, touching, toughness, Tuscon's, tweaking, tweakings, twice as much, Tyson's.

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