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to lay out

to lay outa expuneconjugări
to lay outa arătaconjugări
to lay outa etalaconjugări
to lay outa culca la pământconjugări
to lay outa doborîconjugări
to lay outa amenajaconjugări
to lay outa planificaconjugări
to lay outa proiectaconjugări

Termeni asemănători cu "to lay out": tailed, tallied, tallowed, tattled, the lot, theodolite, Tilda, Tildi, Tildie, Tildy, tiled, till due, tilled, tilt, tilted, titillated, title deed, titled, to tail out, to tilt, to titillate, toddled, toehold, toiled, toilet, told, tooled, tootled, total aid, total yield, totaled, totality, totalled, twiddled, twilled.

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