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to repudiate

to repudiatea renegaconjugări
to repudiatea repudiaconjugări
to repudiatea respingeconjugări
to repudiate one's debtsa nu-și recunoaște datoriileconjugări
to repudiate one's debtsa refuza să-și plătească datoriileconjugări

Termeni asemănători cu "to repudiate": tariffed, terabyte, terrified, the draft, thereabout, three feet wide, thrift, thrifty, thrived, throbbed, to throw a fit, to throw a rope to, to throw about, to throw feet, to throw off with, to throw up food, to torpedo, to trip out, to turf out, torpedo, torpedoed, torpid, torpidity, tribute, tripod, tripped, tripped out, trivet, turbid, turbidity, turbot, turpeth, turpitude.

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