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to reveal

to reveala arătaconjugări
to reveala dezvăluiconjugări
to reveala revelaconjugări
to reveal one's identitya-și declina numeleconjugări
to reveal one's identitya-și dezvălui adevărata identitateconjugări
to reveal one's soul toa-și deschide inimacuivaconjugări
to reveal one's soul toa-și deschide sufletulcuivaconjugări

Termeni asemănători cu "to reveal": tearful, terrible, terribly, their value, three people, three ply, to travel, to treble, to trifle, to triple, to trouble, travail, travel, treble, trefoil, tribal, trifle, triple, trivial, trouble, truffle, turophile.

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