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to take in hand

to take in handa lua în mânăconjugări
to take in handa-și lua răspunderea pentruconjugări
to take in handa preluaconjugări
to take in handa-și asuma răspunderea unui lucruconjugări
to take in handa dirijaconjugări
to take in handa se ocupa deconjugări

Termeni asemănători cu "to take in hand": tag end, taken out, the excess quantity, the quick and the dead, the thousandth, thickened, thickskinned, this many a day, this moment, thousand, thousandth, to tag end, to take a hand at, to take a hint, to take a shine to, to take a squint at, to take an end, to take an oath, to take hint, to take in tow, to take in with, to take in wood, to take mind, to take wine with, to this end, to tie a can to, to tie the can to, to tie the knot, touch-me-not, toughened.

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