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to take sides

to take sidesa lua o anumită atitudineconjugări
to take sidesa adopta o pozițieconjugări
to take sidesa se alinia de parteacuivaconjugări
to take sidesa se declara de parteacuivaconjugări
to take sidesa lua partea cuivaconjugări

Termeni asemănători cu "to take sides": tack heads, tactic, tactics, takeouts, tea stick, tea sticks, test gas, testes, testis, tests, text size, that is to say, the Eighths, the high tides, the Scottish, the sixties, the stage, the sticks, these days, thickets, this day week, tickets, tight ass, tights, to cut to the quick, to take a toss, to take it easy, to take stock, to take the cake, to take the easy way, to take the quick way, to take to the sea, to take to the woods, to the guts, Tuesday's, twists, Tzitzi, Tzitzi's.

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