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to tuck up

to tuck upa suflecaconjugări
to tuck upa sufleca mânecileconjugări
to tuck up one's skirta-și sufleca fustaconjugări
to tuck up one's sleevesa-și sufleca mânecileconjugări

Termeni asemănători cu "to tuck up": take-off, taxicab, TCP, TCP/IP, teacup, the tide is up, theosophy, to take a bow, to take a pew, to take a week off, to take five, to take huff, to take off, to take shape, to take ship, to take up, to tick off, to tog up, to toss off, to toss up, to touch off, to touch up, toes up, tossup.

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