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to ward

to warda apăraconjugări
to warda păziconjugări
to warda protejaconjugări
to ward offa paraconjugări
to ward offa îndepărtaconjugări
to ward offa respingeconjugări
to ward off a blowa evita o loviturăconjugări
to ward off a blowa se feri de o loviturăconjugări
to ward off an unpleasant feelinga evita o senzație neplacutăconjugări
to ward off an unpleasant feelinga se feri de o senzație neplacutăconjugări

Termeni asemănători cu "to ward": tardy, tarred, tarried, tart, tattered, teetered, the other day, the third, the thirtieth, therewith, third, third day, thirtieth, thirty, thirty-two, thread, threaded, threat, throat, throaty, thwart, thwarted, thyroid, tiered, tirade, tired, tired out, tittered, to the heart, to the treaty, to thread, to throw away a word, to throw out, to thwart, to tire out, to trade, to tread, to tread away, to tread out, to treat, to trot, to trot out, to try hard, to try out, toothwort, torrid, tottered, toured, toward, towered, trade, trade date, traded, trait, tread, treat, treated, treaty, triad, tried, tried out, trite, Tritia, trod, trot, troth, trotted out, trout, Truda, Trude, Trudey, Trudi, Trudie, Trudy, truth, tryout, turd, turret, twittered, tyre data, tyred.

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