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strașnic magnificently
strașnic as all get-out
strașnic properly
strașnic some
strașnic with a vengeance
strașnic as the skin between one's browsfigurat în limba engleză
Strașnic! At a boy!
Strașnic! Attaboy!
Strașnic! By George!
Strașnic! That's great!
Strașnic! That's the idea!
Strașnic! Ataboy!familiar
Strașnic! Att a boy!familiar
Strașnic! Right oh!familiar
Strașnic! Right you are!familiar
Strașnic! Far out!interjecție
Strașnic! Good show!învechit în limba engleză
strașnice magnificent
strașnice as get-out
strașnice mother and father of

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