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Din dicționarul The Collaborative International Dictionary of English v.0.48 :

  Catalog \Cat"a*log\, n. & v.
     [1913 Webster]

Din dicționarul WordNet (r) 2.0 :

       n 1: a book or pamphlet containing an enumeration of things; "he
            found it in the Sears catalog" [syn: catalogue]
       2: a complete list of things; usually arranged systematically;
          "it does not pretend to be a catalogue of his
          achievements" [syn: catalogue]
       v 1: make a catalogue, compile a catalogue of something [syn: catalogue]
       2: make a catalog of [syn: catalogue]

Din dicționarul Moby Thesaurus II by Grady Ward, 1.0 :

  243 Moby Thesaurus words for "catalog":
     Baedeker, Domesday Book, Yellow Pages, account, account book,
     address book, admit, adversaria, album, alphabetize, analyze,
     annals, annual, appointment calendar, appointment schedule,
     appraise, arrange, assess, assort, atlas, bibliography, blankbook,
     blotter, blueprint, book, break down, business directory, calendar,
     cameo, card catalog, carve, casebook, cashbook, catalog,
     cataloging, catalogue raisonne, categorize, chalk, chalk up,
     character, character sketch, characterization, chart, check in,
     checklist, chronicle, city directory, class, classified catalog,
     classified directory, classify, codify, commonplace book,
     concordance, correspondence, count, court calendar, cut,
     cyclopedia, daybook, delineation, depiction, description,
     desk calendar, details, diagram, diary, diatesseron,
     dictionary catalog, digest, diptych, directory, divide, docket,
     documentation, encyclopedia, engagement book, engrave, enroll,
     enscroll, enter, enumerate, evaluate, evocation, factor, file,
     filing system, fill out, finding list, gauge, gazetteer, grade,
     graph, graphic account, grave, group, guidebook, handbook,
     handlist, harmony, history, identify, image, imagery, impanel,
     impression, incise, index, inscribe, insert, introduce, inventory,
     itemization, itemize, itinerary, jot down, journal, keep score,
     ledger, letter file, letters, limning, list, log, logbook,
     loose-leaf notebook, make a memorandum, make a note, make an entry,
     make out, mark down, matriculate, memo book, memorandum book,
     memorial, memory book, minute, note, note down, notebook, number,
     order, outline, pad, particularization, petty cashbook, phone book,
     photograph, picture, pigeonhole, pigeonholes, pipe roll, place,
     place upon record, plan, pocket notebook, pocketbook,
     police blotter, poll, polyglot, portrait, portraiture, portrayal,
     post, post up, profile, program, prospectus, put down,
     put in writing, put on paper, put on tape, range, rank, rate,
     record, record book, recording, reduce to writing, reference book,
     register, registry, relic, remains, rendering, rendition,
     representation, road map, roadbook, roll, roll call, rolls, roster,
     rota, schedule, schema, scheme, score, scrapbook, scratch pad,
     scroll, set down, sift, sketch, sort, sort out, source book,
     specification, spiral notebook, studbook, subdivide, syllabus,
     table, table of contents, tablet, tabulate, take down, tally, tape,
     tape-record, telephone book, telephone directory, thrash out,
     token, trace, triptych, type, vestige, videotape, vignette,
     vivid description, weigh, winnow, word painting, work of reference,
     workbook, write, write down, write in, write out, write up,
     writing tablet, yearbook  

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