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Este o conjugare a verbului to become.

The annex to this regulation becomes annex 1.Anexa prezentului regulament devine anexa 1.
the current article becomesactualul articol devine
the equation becomesecuația devine
The existing text becomes the first indent.Textul existent devine prima liniuță.
The former article 9 becomes article 10.Fostul articol 9 devine articolul 10.
The present annex becomes annex 1.Prezenta anexă devine anexa 1.
The present text becomes paragraph 1.Textul actual devine alineatul (1).
The quinolin-8-ol becomes visible as a blue spot.8-chinolinolul devine vizibil ca pată albastră.

Termeni asemănători cu "becomes": babyishness, backing, backings, baking, baseness, basenesses, bashing, becoming, becomings, begging, beginning, beseeching, big noise, big noises, bigamous, bog moss, booking, bookings, boozing, boozings, bosoms, boxing, Buginese, bushing, business, businesses, buzzing, by chance, by jingo, bypassing, bypassings, to be a hog on ice, to become weak, to become wise.

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