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bruntatac principal
to bear the brunt of somethinga face față de unul singurconjugări
to bear the brunt of somethinga duce greulluptei, munciiconjugări
to bear the brunt of somethinga suporta greulluptei, munciiconjugări

Termeni asemănători cu "brunt": barehanded, barmaid, Barnett, baronet, beforehand, befriended, Bermuda, Bernadette, Bernd, Bernete, Bernetta, Bernette, Bernita, born out, borne out, boy friend, boyfriend, brand, Brande, Brandea, branded, Brandi, Brandie, brandy, Brandy, Branita, Brant, Brenda, Brent, brimmed, bromide, browned, brunette, Bryant, burned, burned out, burnet, burnt, burnt out, Burundi, to be around at, to be formed, to be renewed, to bear a hand, to bear a hand to, to bear in mind, to befriend, to brand, to burn out, to burn to death.

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