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knee-high to a mosquitode-o șchioapăglumeț
knee-high to a mosquitoînalt de-o șchioapăglumeț
The mosquitoes are a nuisance.Tânțarii sunt o adevărată pacoste.
The mosquitoes are a nuisance.Tânțarii sunt o calamitate.
The mosquitoes are a nuisance.Tânțarii sunt o pacoste.

Termeni asemănători cu "mosquito": machete, Magda, Magdaia, maggot, mainstay, majesty, man-sized, managed, mangy with, mascot, masked, masochist, mast, masthead, megahit, men say that, menaced, mess kit, might, mighty, miked, minced, minimized, misdated, misdeed, misguided, mishit, misquoted, missed, misset, Missty, mist, Misti, Mistie, Misty, misty, mixed, mocked, moist, monk's hood, monkey suit, monkeyed, mooched, most, mucoid, mug shot, munched, mused, mush head, mushed, musket, must, musty, my guess is that, the meanest, the most, the mushiest, the muskiest, the mussiest, to make a date, to make a guess at, to make a hit, to make a hit with, to make a huge hit, to make a to-do, to make do, to make do with, to make eyes at, to make good, to make haste, to make haste to do, to make head, to make headway, to make it, to make oath, to make out, to make steady, to miscast, to misdate, to misdo, to misguide, to mishit, to misquote, to miss out, to misset, to mix it, to mix it with, to monkey with, to must.

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